Let Experience
Work for You

Providing customized utility locating and toning equipment to fit the specific needs of Hawaii and Pacific Island Nations.

There is a lot to discover underground.

Aloha Tone Masters remains committed to serving our clients by providing expert utility consulting and the latest, cutting-edge equipment sales.

Perhaps one-day technology will allow us to look through the ground and see every utility, but until that day, we at ATM are convinced that Experience is your best tool to manage risk and prevent damage to your underground utilities…25 years in the biz makes us a knowledgeable partner.

It has been said that Underground Utility Location (Toning) is 50% Art and 50% Science, Why is that? Because in this specialized skill set, there are no guarantees!

We provide cutting-edge info on the latest Utility Locating Equipment as well as complimentary equipment.

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