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Simple Fee Schedule

Aloha Tone Masters is the only company on Oahu who offers a 1/2 hour minimum option.

13 years experience on Oahu shows, most toning requests can be marked out within 30 minutes, but most companies will charge an entire one-hour minimum.

Depending on where on the island your toning request is located, you may be able to get a full toning of the underground utilities on your property, for less than *$160 dollars, or a utility consultation for under *$99 dollars.

Everyone is familiar with the term “time is money”. ATM pricing is designed with this mantra in mind. Since we are based in Waikiki, we have developed a Travel Fee Pricing Map. This way, the most densely populated sections of the island of Oahu, can be addressed with little to no additional travel fees

    • Minimum 1/2 hour utility toning $150 
    • $50 per every 15 minutes or any part thereof after the minimum. 
    • *Travel fees may apply (see Travel Fee Pricing Map)
    • Minimum 1/2 hour site visit $95
    • $20 per every 15 minutes or any part thereof after the minimum.
    •  *Travel fees may apply (see Travel Fee Pricing Map)

We keep our costs low by providing metallic line toning only (copper and metal pipes and cables).

Underground utilities come in many different material types, including Copper, Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Galvanized as well as Plastic, PVC, Fiberglass, Terracotta, Composites and more.

Modern Utility Locating Instruments for locating metallic lines vary from $3500 to $7000. In order to find material types that are non-metallic your equipment will run from $30,000 to $50,000. 

Higher equipment costs and overhead equate to higher rates conveyed to the customer.

Non-Conductive Utility location equipment costs 750% +/-, more than today’s cutting edge metallic locating equipment.

* 4.50 % tax not included

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